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Exotic granites present an aesthetic exuberance that enchants by the beauty of organic patterns, shades and exclusive designs, making natural materials true works of art sculpted by the action of nature over the years. They are materials that present a wide range of applications and bookmatch possibilities, which allow for unique architectural projects: from exclusive vertical panels to countertops and furniture tops that give a unique design touch to the pieces. Featuring an intense range of diverse colors, exotic stones can also compose floors, staircases, sculpted sinks, etc., transforming materials into the highlights of the projects.

Black Taurus

White Galaxy

Via Láctea


Noble stone, versatile and very resistant, quartzite has been gaining more and more space in decoration projects by combining the refined and sumptuous aesthetics of marbles with the high resistance of granites, which enables a wide variety of applications, ranging from coatings and panels even stone furniture. As a very resistant raw material, quartzite can also be sculpted in a personalized way, creating unique patterns for each project. Guidoni marbles have a level of mechanical and chemical resistance that is much higher than ordinary marble, and can be applied freely on indoor floors, in addition to wet countertops, vertical panels and also in the execution of various furniture. This is because they concentrate the mineral dolomite, which makes them almost chemically inert, in addition to being more resistant to impacts.

Emerald Green







Monochromatic stones with few aesthetic interferences and a base in soft, neutral colors are a classic in decoration. The choice for natural stone is due to the fact that the element extracted from nature has great durability, resistance and easy maintenance and cleaning, making the rocks ideal for floors, especially in areas with a high flow of people and loads.

Ornamental Guidoni

Butterfly Green

Giallo Sofia

Branco Fortaleza

Gold 500

White G

Moon Light

Fortaleza Guidoni

Santa Cecilia

São Francisco Real

Butterfly Beige

Giallo Verona

Soft Yellow

Giallo Topázio

Preto São Gabriel

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