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Ethics and Ombudsman Channel


The Guidoni Compliance Program aims to promote an ethical culture in the company's business environment.

Launched in 2018, the main pillars of the Program are the support of Senior Management, Code of Conduct, Internal Policies and Procedures, Training, Conduct Channel and Audits.

The evolution of the Program is consolidated by the engagement of senior and middle management in carrying out training for all employees in the Code of Conduct, as a way of disseminating the behaviors expected by the company in relationships with various internal and external audiences.

The Guidoni Conduct Channel was also created, which is a direct channel with the Compliance area to communicate, in an identified or anonymous way, possible violations of the Code of Conduct and Internal Policies observed by employees and business partners.

In addition to these tools, the Program also has Internal Audits that aim to ensure alignment with the company's compliance guidelines and the strengthening of the ethical culture at the Guidoni Group.



Through the Ombudsman Channel, anyone who feels affected by the Guidoni Group, due to the violation of the Code of Conduct, of our values, or does not have their problem solved by the company's service channels, can make a complaint.

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