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Security and environment



Personal development programs for employees and close communities

The Guidoni Group has in its schedule frequent training through training and lectures by its employees with the improvement of the HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) concepts and other concepts of socio-environmental sustainability.


Training Program for Minor Apprentices

The training program for Minor Apprentices consists of training young people who live near the Group's headquarters, offering technical qualification and subsequent inclusion in the labor market.


Annual HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) campaigns

Throughout the year, there are several social and environmental awareness campaigns, accompanying the official campaigns that also take place outside the company.

Some campaign examples are: Traffic, Vaccination, Accident Prevention, STD, among others.

Research and development of new sustainable methodologies and processes

In the "Coproducts" tab, we list some actions that the Guidoni Group has to deal with the waste generated in its production processes.

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Occupational health and Safety


The objective is to ensure healthy and safe environments for all employees and partners, offering quality of life and safety as values inside and outside the company.

Working conditions, environmental risks and health are constantly evaluated by several indicators that are based on the three basic pillars of SESMT (Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine):

- Method

- Behavior & Culture

- Installations

Environmental management


The Guidoni Group maintains a careful control of environmental aspects within the parameters required by the various conditions of environmental licensing on behalf of the company, interpreted with a focus on the guidelines established by ISO 14001.

With this control, the environmental aspects and their impacts - inherent to the various activities of the group - are duly mitigated and controlled, ensuring compliance with the conditions and the continuous improvement of the process.

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